America was built on a belief in God, and there’s just no way to deny that fact

Matt Walsh…it’s like we’re one mind in two bodies… Love your blog!

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I would like to make an appeal to the disciples of the Church of Atheism, the Secular Sacramentalists, the Progressive Proselytes:

Please, let’s just be honest with one another.

My guidance counselor always told me that conflict resolution must begin with honesty.

So can we finally take these words to heart, for God’s sa– well, for our sake, anyway?

Today, President Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast. He got up and spoke piously of his faith in Jesus Christ. He even made some remarks about how “killing the innocent” is the “ultimate betrayal of God’s Will.” A curious statement, considering the person saying it. I guess he was being sarcastic.

In any case, there he was. The President of the United States, like most every other president for the last five decades, publicly promoting religion.

And once again, the conversation turns back to the “Separation of Church and State,” and the ridiculous myth…

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